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    photography dragons chinese new year
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  3. LOST // Breaking Bad parallels 

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    lost breaking bad parallels
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  5. drive nicolas winding refn newton thomas sigel
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  7. Definitely fell asleep at 7 last night and woke up at 5 fully rested.

    It’s like my post-Europe jetlag all over again.

    personal getting my sleep schedule back on track is gonna be a bitch and i don't have much time to readjust before coachella this might be the definition of first world problems
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  11. asheswillfly:

    Favorite Music Videos

    The Strokes “You Only Live Once” directed by Samuel Bayer, features the band performing in an enclosed room as tobacco tar fills the room, implying that the room is their lungs. 

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    the strokes favourite bands
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  13. Aaaaand we’re wrapped. It was frustrating, exhausting, and I already want to do it again.

    But for now I’m back to real life, so…what’d I miss?


    personal today started so shitty and ended pretty awesome now i just want to sleep for 9 days zzzzzzzzz
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  15. adrifts:

    Creative Catharsis: Posters of Strange Client Quotes by Irish design duo, Mark + Paddy.

    I found all of these hilarious. Some of them are almost a déjà vu of things I’ve heard clients say.

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    lol people are dumb idek how to tag this
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    Adonis Bosso x Lane Stewart

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    photography colours beautiful
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